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1995FX - Clarity

1995FX - Clarity

This product has a wide gain range and supports various situations from low gain to deep distortion. The biggest feature is the Clarity knob, which is based on the center position and has abundant sound variations by adjusting the high range. In addition, this product supports up to 18V, and the higher the voltage, the crisper sound, so please try your favorite voltage at 9-18V.


■ Control -Volume: Adjusts the volume when the effect is on. ・ Gain: Adjusts the degree of distortion. ・ Filter: Turn to the left to cut high frequencies. -Clarity: Adjusts the glitter of high frequencies based on the center position.

■ Specifications ・ Input impedance: 1MΩ ・ Output impedance: 1KΩ ・ Power supply: 9-18V DC adapter (center minus / battery not allowed) ・ Current consumption: 15mA

■ Caution * Because it is hand-painted, the appearance of each unit may differ slightly. (The photo is a reference image)

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