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1995FX - Pellucid 2

1995FX - Pellucid 2

As the name suggests, this product is based on a transparent sound, and is characterized by a sound that leaves a core even in distortion. It is also suitable not only for distorting by itself, but also for pushing after making a crunch in the previous stage, or for boosting a lightly distorted amp.

■ Control -Volume: Adjusts the volume when the effect is on. ・ Gain: Adjusts the degree of distortion. -Filter: This is a knob for adjusting the tone, and turning it to the right emphasizes the high.

■ Specifications ・ Input impedance: 1MΩ ・ Output impedance: 1KΩ ・ Power supply: 9V DC adapter (center minus / no batteries) ・ Current consumption: 10mA


■ Caution * Please note that if you use an adapter of 9V or higher for the power supply, it will break down.

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