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1995FX - Sandy Drive 2

1995FX - Sandy Drive 2

This product is the successor to Sandy Drive, which is based on MXR DISTORTION II and has been assembled to be more modern. 
It features a unique feeling of compression and separation when used at low gain, and a rough sandy sound, and as the gain is increased, the feeling of separation will be distorted as it is. 
A pedal that can be used as a preamp and as an overdrive. 

■ Control
・ Volume: Adjusts the volume when the effect is on. 
・ Dirt: Adjusts the degree of distortion. 
-Filter: This is a knob for adjusting the tone, and turning it to the right emphasizes the high. 
・ Low: Adjusts the low frequency output. Depending on the usage environment, 0 is not a problem. 

■ Specifications
・ Input impedance: 1MΩ
・ Output impedance: 1KΩ
・ Power supply: 9V DC adapter (center minus / battery not allowed)
・ Current consumption: 15mA 

■ Caution 
* Because it is boosted internally, if an adapter of 9V or more is used for the power supply have trouble.

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