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1995FX - To Calm

1995FX - To Calm

This product is based on the Marshall SHRED MASTER and has been assembled to be more modern. In addition, this product can boost up to 12V, so you can try higher resolution sound by boosting. ■ Control・ Volume: Adjusts the volume when the effect is on. -Gain: Adjusts the degree of distortion. -Treble: Adjusts the high frequency output. -Contour: Adjust the mid frequency and turn it to the right to emphasize the mid range. -Bass: Adjusts the low frequency output. ■ Specifications・ Input impedance: 1MΩ・ Output impedance: 1KΩ・ Power supply: 9-12V DC adapter (center minus / battery not allowed)・ Current consumption: 10mA * The appearance of each unit is slightly different due to hand painting. (The photo is a reference image.) 
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