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Dawner Prince - Starla Tremolo

Dawner Prince - Starla Tremolo

코아의 부나&스탈라 유툽 리뷰 - 누르시면 영상으로갑니다. 


탭템포가 지원되는 만능형 트레몰로 페달입니다.  모듈레이션 설정값이 여타 페달들과 다르게 다양하게 내장되어 있어서 다른 depth값과 노브들로 다양한 메이킹이 가능합니다. 

기존에 단순한 트레몰로 페달과는 다르게 설정노브 조작으로 아주 강렬한 슬라이서 사운드도 재현 가능합니다. 개인적으로 코러스 페달만큼 잘 사용할경우 활용도가 아주 높다고 생각되는 만능형 페달입니다. 


저도 제 미니보드에서 아주 애용중이고, 자리 확보후 메인보드에도 넣을 예정입니다.. 코러스보다 사용빈도가 높게 올라가고있습니다 :)


유투브 샘플 - 누르시면 링크로 갑니다.




On minimum settings, Starla can be used as a signal booster. Increasing the depth control, increases the tremolo effect in your signal; from light shimmering, through mild transparent-traditional, all the way to a deep swings and ‘machine gun-like’ sounds. Thanks to a huge depth range, this tremolo is able to chop up any signal sent in or out of it. It is very useful when put in front of high gain amps or pedals as it can cut the sound down to a dead silence.

There are 3 ways to set the speed of the tremolo effect: by using a speed knob, tap tempo footswitch or control voltage/remote tap switch via Sync port. Speed is affected by the position of the Multiplier (1/3/2) toggle switch. If the Multiplier switch is set at a higher rate, speed knobs sweep will change as well.

Starla utilizes eight different waveforms, including a random one. Combining every waveform with Duty trim potentiometer produces numerous wave shapes for you to explore. Duty trimmer pot modifies the duty cycle of all waveforms except Random.

We added volume control for two reasons: first to avoid a noticeable drop in volume when effect is engaged, which is a problem most tremolos have, and second to be able to use Starla as an excellent volume booster without adding any distortion to the signal when Depth control is on minimum setting.

Sync port
This port allows Starla to communicate with other devices. Depending on how the internal jumper is set up (remove the backplate to reach the jumper), Starla can send control signal to synchronize other devices to its’ LFO rate or it can accept control signal to be synchronized by other devices. It can also accept remote tap foot switch.

Tap tempo
Starla’s tap tempo microprocessor calculates tempo by taking the last two user taps so it plays in sync with your music. You can also choose different tap to tremolo rate ratios using 1/3/2 Multiplier switch: 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3. Once a tempo has been tapped in, Multiplier switch serves as an in-time speed control.

True bypass
Starla Tap Tempo Tremolo is equipped with microprocessor driven true bypass relay switching system. Holding down Status footswitch during the power up allows you to preset whether the effect powers up in effect-on or effect-bypass mode. 

We are very proud of our Starla™ Tap Tempo Tremolo effect pedal and we believe it will inspire you to be even more creative in making music! Enjoy!

Technical Specifications:

  • Power Input Voltage: 9 - 18V
  • Power input connector: 5.5mm/2.1mm barrel connector (Negative tip)
  • Power Consumption: ~ 30mA
  • Size: 4.4” x 2.3”
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