Dr. Scientist - Atmoshphere

Dr. Scientist - Atmoshphere

Dr Scientist The Atmosphere: a reverb pedal worthy of replacing the popular Reverberator!
The Atmosphere features 16 custom programmed reverb patches.
The patches cover classic reverb sounds like hall, room, plate and spring.
There's also shimmer style octave patches, a really fun pitch shifting patch, and even a reverse/delay reverb patch!
The Patches are just part of the fun though, the Atmosphere features a big colourful display screen full of useful info in an easy to read format.

The Dr Scientist The Atmosphere has a full host of digital features:
• Full MIDI implementation.
• Expression and control voltage input that can be assigned to 6 parameters.
• A preset can be saved for each patch.
• Very powerful built in LFO for modulating parameters.
• You can pick your favorite bypass screen.
• Mono in / out.
• Trails bypass or true bypass.
• Safe with 9-18VDC power (comes with a 9VDC power supply).


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