Duesenberg THE REV reverb

Duesenberg THE REV reverb

Sound Review


Warm ‘verb that sounds as authentic as a vintage tube-driven spring reverb. The guitar’s signal remains completely analog, preserving the full dynamic range and clarity.



  • SIZE: changes the size of the simulated room
  • HI-CUT: decreases the high frequencies in the reverberation
  • MIX: mixes the amount of reverb to the guitar signal


  • True Bypass Circuitry
  • EH Electronics (USA)
  • Neutrik connectors
  • Epoxy PCB boards
  • Select brand name parts
  • Pots and switches freely wired, not on the board
  • Electrical power via 1x 9V block battery or 9V DC power supply
    C$530.00 Regular Price
    C$510.00Sale Price