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JET Pedals - Revelation V3

JET Pedals - Revelation V3

Introducing the New & Enhanced Revelation Reverb.

The Revelation Reverb is engineered with six studio-grade algorithms, six onboard presets (127 with MIDI), full MIDI control over every knob, switch, algorithm, preset, etc. Additionally, it features a live mode, preset mode, kill-dry mode and full stereo analog dry thru.

We've added 3 brand new algorithms Spring, Room, and Plate, enhanced our existing algorithms, added pre delay, and a filter knob for creating darker reverbs.

Features At A Glance:

  • 6 Studio grade algorithms:
    • Spring
    • Room
    • Plate
    • Modulated
    • Shimmer
    • Anti-Shimmer
  • 6 Onboard presets:
    • Up to 127 presets via MIDI
    • Rotate the knobs in Preset Mode to see the saved position of each knob
    • Quickly edit and save any preset by adjusting the knobs then holding the Bypass switch for 3 seconds
  • Full MIDI control over every knob, switch, algorithm, preset, etc.
  • Stereo Analog Dry Thru
  • Live Mode, Preset Mode and Kill Dry Mode
    • Quickly jump between two different reverb sounds
    • Any preset can be queued up while in Live Mode without affecting your sound
  • Toggle switch to select between 0, 50, or 100 milliseconds of pre delay
  • Use the Revelation in any rig
    • Mono in / Mono out
    • Mono in / Stereo out
    • Stereo in / Stereo out
    • Stereo in / Mono out (sums to Mono)
    • Kill Dry Mode
  • User adjustable Global Settings
    • Don’t want to cycle through all 6 preset locations? Easy, define the number of onboard presets available within the Global Settings.
    • Define which preset and algorithm loads at startup
    • Assign the Revelation to any MIDI channel 1 thru 16
    • Enable/Disable Kill Dry Mode
  • Power via 9v (Negative Tip) power supply (pwr supply not included)
  • Current Draw: 250mA
  • Enclosure Dimensions: 4.82" x 2.62" x 1.425"
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