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셜록 V3 디스토션 (진공관)

셜록 V3 디스토션 (진공관)

Pete Thorn Sherlock V3 Review - Click the link.

Sherlock V3 Sound Sample - Click the link.


The V3 runs two individually voiced channels, Rhythm & Lead and features a true Bypass, instantly adding a Medium and High Gain Channel to any amplifier.



Shaping your tone is real easy with the V3. Each channel has dedicated Volume & Gain controls with a 3 Band EQ .
- Treble, Mid, Bass configuration.



The V3 offers true bypass using a high-quality relay, so it won’t color your sound when in Bypass mode. It also has a Tube Buffered output ensuring signal strength when using other pedals in the chain.



Three Gain Modes - High, Low & Medium are adjustable via a four-button DIP Switch on the underside of the V3 making this the most versatile distortion pedal on the market.



The V3 features frequency compensating Trim Pots for each channel. Each channel’s Trim Pots ensures tonal balance when the V3 is in use with the bypassed sound. Using this feature, you can shape the V3’s individual channels tonality to suit the voicing of your amp. Total Control.



Unlike conventional, solid state overdive / distortion pedals the V3 uses tube technology to derive ultra-smooth, dynamic, punchy tones that only tubes can deliver. The V3 circuitry runs on high voltage and uses a 12V AC Power Supply.






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